Ever feel like you are just going through the motions? Pushing through each day to really just survive? As mother’s and women taking care of our everyday responsibilities,  raising children, managing a household, & working,  whether it be at home or in an office…we often put “ourselves” aside not taking the time for us to get the rejuvenation or inspiration we need. Soon you forget the last time you really laughed or felt happy or passionate about life and what you are doing!  Essentially you feel lost…   We have all experienced this loss to some degree or another, whether we have lost ourselves through daily life, or experienced a loss in losing a loved one. If you have ever felt this way…NOW is the time to regain that person and passion for life in realizing who you are and what you can truly become!  We will share with you today a way that you can do just that!

Which is why we are so excited to feature Tova Gold in our Peek at Motherhood series, a mother of 4 with 2 angels watching from above, she experienced the loss that we are talking about by losing twins at birth, but she says she was already lost long before that.  Through this experience she found herself and her passion to help others regain and be who they are meant to be…she created a “Finding my muchness” movement and has already helped thousands of people regain their light and passion for life! She travels the country, speaking and sharing about her mission. Here is our interview with Tova as she explains more of this mission and how you can “find your muchness in life”….


MB= What inspired you to create this amazing “Finding my muchness” movement?

Finding My Muchness began as a personal desire to reconnect with my light and joy after the stillbirth of my identical twin girls. From the depths of that darkness, I knew I needed to proactively make a choice to re-find my light, or I would have ended up drowning. The fact is,  I’d started losing my Muchness years before my babies died. Years of living below my potential, sidelining my dreams and living by other peoples standards had slowly depleted me of my light, and my confidence, and left me feeling invisible. I was inspired to share The Muchness with others when I realized how many other women felt the same. Whether they’d suffered a pregnancy / baby loss or not, they’d lost so much of themselves and connecting with their Muchness was a way to reignite their light. I continue to build this movement based on the inspiration I receive watching others be inspired.



MB= As a busy mom of 4 with 2 Angels watching from above how do you juggle your family and work?

It is not easy. When you work from home you are constantly “On” and it is hard to put down the phone sometimes and just focus on your family and their immediate needs- especially when you love what you do. My kids are in school during the day and I work a lot of late nights at the computer. I’d like to say that being organized and planning in advance are the key, and perhaps they are. I wouldn’t know because I’m not terribly organized and I am not so good at planning in advance. I sort of fly by the seat of my pants and roll with the punches. I think if you can do that, find a lot of time to laugh, dance around the living room with your kids and occasionally squeeze your hubby’s tush while he washes the dishes, you’re not doing too bad.


MB= You were already living a successful career in fashion design, as the design director for a large clothing and accessory company, you were the key to helping them build a multi-million dollar company…what encouraged you to just leave it all behind to follow your new passion, “helping others find their muchness”?

I had no choice. This mission found me. I believe it is my purpose, the reason I was sent my twins, and I felt a calling- a responsibility- to do it. I was very good at my job and I love product design, but working for someone else was never my dream, and once I set out on a path to find my Muchness, I couldn’t deny where I was being led. In all honesty, I started to have panic attacks at work because I felt so out of alignment with where I was vs. where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing with my time on this earth. That’s not to say the path I’ve chosen is easy- it’s anything but – and by popular definition, it’s not exactly smart either, but it is the right path for me.


MB= What have you learned and what would you say to other moms who might be afraid to take that leap of faith?

I’ve learned that it doesn’t always have to be simply a leap of faith- it can be a leap of faith + some careful strategizing and planning… both of which I didn’t really do enough of. I’ve learned that everyone has a purpose, and if you are willing to show up in life authentically and put love into the universe, you will probably find yours. And it may not be in entrepreneurship. There is beauty in having a “real” job that allows for a clear delineation of work / play / family time and it shouldn’t be underestimated. Keep your head and heart open and make sure you do what feels most right to YOU. Don’t buy a bill of goods that really aren’t well suited to you. That being said, follow your heart. You only live once. Live your dreams. Anything is possible.


MB= Share with us in detail…how does one find their muchness?

It’s simple, really. Your Muchness lives inside you. It’s your birthright. It’s found in the things that light YOU up from the inside and elevate your mood in teeny, tiny doses – so small that they usually go entirely ignored. It’s those moments- your #MuchnessMoments, that guide you to your truest joyful nature. For me, it’s that moment when I look down at my feet and think “Oh! My colorful sparkly shoes are CUTE!” and then making the decision to simply wear more sparkly, colorful shoes.

The foundation lies in the essence of the word “Much”– when people say things like “Oh, that’s too much” it’s got so many negative connotations- that of indulgence and tackiness and arrogance. In reality, when you apply the idea of “Too Much” to things that invoke joy and love and human authenticity, is there really ever “too much?” – I don’t think so. So I say, find what makes you feel “muchy” and bring it on by the boatload… especially if it involves sequins!!


MB= What is your vision for this movement…where would you like to see it go?

I’m sort of a “go big or go home” kinda gal. I see The Muchness as a lifestyle brand built around the idea of joyful, sparkly, inspired living, and I see it with all the trimmings of a lifestyle brand. I know that it takes one step at a time and right now I am focussed on simply sharing my message! I will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing for my first book- a Finding Your Muchness Funbook (Like a workbook, but funner!) and in December I’ll have the honor of speaking at a TedXWomen event in Hoboken, NJ.  I’m so thankful for both of these exciting opportunities.


MB= What are three things we might not know about you?

1- My disco ball is a prized possession. I bought it at an estate sale in high school and it traveled through 6 apartments with me. I wrote about it in the jdate profile that attracted my husband and swore I’d have it installed permanently in my first home when I bought one. It is. With two spotlights and leopard print wall to wall carpeting. Because I can. 🙂

2- In 2001, right out of college, I started my own handbag company called Teeze Accessories & Stuff, Inc. I made fun little leather bags that sold worldwide until 2005 when I trusted the wrong person and was forced to close down my biz. I still have some inventory, and my best seller is available on my website- but it’s a hidden link because the bag is so quirky. But it’s totally muchtastic. You can see it here.

 3- All four of my grandparents were holocaust survivors. I grew up understanding the enormity of this and seeing the strength and character that these hardships instilled in my grandparents and even my parents, a generation later. It was while going through my own personal hell that I called upon that strength that I felt was somehow instilled in my blood line because of all that my ancestors had lived through. I figured, if they could survive – and thrive- despite that hell on earth, certainly I could do more than survive mine.


MB= What empowers you to be your best?

My daughters. My commitment to all of them and to the people that are inspired by my Muchness journey to embark on their own.


MB=  If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? And how would you do it?

The idea that we are broken and need fixing. The idea that we should all feel the same and believe the same things or somebody must be wrong. I believe that we should all feel OK expressing who we are, celebrating our quirks, exploiting our uniquenesses and pushing ourselves to the outer boundaries of who we can be, instead of judging ourselves by other people’s standards and always feeling like we’re coming up short.

I believe the first step towards being able to express yourself this way is to stop judging others. We all do it, but when you stop judging others as either better or worse than you, fear of your own self-expression just melts away. So that’s how I would do it. I’d tell that to every person I could.

MB= Wow Thank you so much Tova for letting us get to know you and this amazing movement! We are so inspired by you and what you are doing! Which is why we have decided to feature a 10 day “Finding My Muchness”  challenge for the month of november...why not give yourself a wonderful gift this holiday season by  getting your passions and zest back for life by “finding your muchness”!  We will launch this challenge within the week…sharing daily inspiration Via instagram as well as encourage You to post a daily picture via facebook and instagram that goes along with the daily theme tagging it #muchnessmoments… at the end of the 10 days we plan to offer a few fun prizes picking  winners randomly.  A little reward for your efforts to focus on “YOU”!



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