We all love things that are pretty…especially a well designed space! Which is why we are always inspired by the women/mother’s who are able to create beautiful spaces despite the demands of motherhood. Danielle Oakey is a mom doing just that! As an interior designer + a full-time stay at home mom..she has found a way to stay on top of her design talent, work with clients,  while raising her two darling kids, + share it all with us in her popular blog Danielle Oakey Interiors.
What is so amazing is that she does it all on a budget!  We are delighted to bring you an in depth interview sharing details of how she works to get these amazing looks!  Check out the interview + her home tour below…
Danielle Oakey Interiors
MB= What inspired you to start your blog?
Shortly after becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, I realized I needed a
creative outlet. A blog seemed like the perfect place to journal my
creativity and keep up with the design community. I never expected
anyone to read it, or the opportunities it would provide me.
MB= What would you describe as “your” style?
If I had to label my style, I would call it eclectic modern. Of course I
love color, pattern, mixing styles, and unexpected pieces.
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MB= What inspirations do you look for when designing your home?
When searching for inspiration, I try to find spaces that get me excited. I
look for unexpected pattern combinations, colors schemes, and unique
pieces of furniture.
MB= We know as a work at home mom it is a challenge to juggle family and work…how do you make it work?
At first I had a hard to juggling my kids, housework, design work, and
blogging, but I think I have finally figured out a system that works
well. Since I work from home it is almost impossible to separate work
and family life, but I try best not to overlap them too much.
I spend the majority of my day taking care of my kids and getting things
done around the house. I do sneak in an hour or two during nap-time to
blog and answer emails.  Once the kids are in bed I get to work on
design projects. I typically work from 8-12 every night. Thankfully, I
absolutely love designing so it makes the long nights not so bad.
MB= What are your top 3-5 tips for other moms wanting to style and design their home? with or without a budget?
1. Collect 3-5 inspiration pictures of rooms you love and spend time
determining the elements that make each space work. This will not only
help you figure out what style you like, but also help you determine a
color scheme.
2. Select the largest items first. This will
typically be your rug or sofa. It is much easier and less expensive to
change out the smaller items than the large pieces.
3. If there is something you love, make it work. You home should be filled with items that make you smile!
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MB= What places/shops would you recommend to moms on a budget that are trying to design their home?
1. Ikea
2. Target
3. World Market
4. Kirkland’s
5. West Elm
MB= Does social media influence the way you design a space in your home?
Social media definitely effects the way I blog and it provides me plenty of
inspiration for my home (and clients homes), but I wouldn’t say it
influences the way I design. I try to stay true to my style, what my
clients needs are, and what I feel works best!

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