UPDATE: So thankful for the opportunities we have had to complete our kids room makeover winners spaces.  We continue to move forward planning more exciting giveaways.  Thanks so much for your support in helping us to make this possible.

Here is a glimpse into the nursery that started it all…”I am so thankful for this beautiful space I have to enjoy with my little one! A simple dream to help another mama enjoy a space with her child is much bigger than I can do alone…we really need your help!”  Tana Hallows founder of mom’s best and destination nursery.


photo by Heather Telford Photography

We traveled to The 2nd and 3rd Winners homes the first week of December… 1st in St. Louis (Kailee Fitch and her 3 year old boy Roman) and 2nd in Richmond, Virginia (Julia Ryan and her 3 year old daughter Wells).  It was an amazing experience!!

WOULD YOU  like to be the next #kidsroommakeover Destination? YOU and your child could be the next STAR as we come and makeover your SPACE!  We need your support to get to the next #kidsroommakeover destination…

Endless hours have gone into prepping and planning each giveaway down to gathering items and details for each space with a very small team. Sacrifice of time, sleep, and other activities has been worth the opportunity to help these families…this would not be possible without the wonderful support system we have as well as all of the amazing brands who have donated these items to the winners…see details on  here… and here

….and here.

Will you be our next destination?

YOU and your child could be the next STAR as we come and makeover your SPACE!

Watch for our 6th #kidsroommakeover giveaway launching soon! gallery-wall-3-destination-nursery--art-optionsgallery-wall-2-destination-nursery-animal-art-prints-destination-nursery-


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