Share your GRATITUDE this holiday season by showing appreciation for YOU in our 10 day FINDING YOUR MUCHNESS photo challenge!  Mom’s Best has teamed up with Rhonna Designs, and Tova Gold, the creator of  the “finding my muchness” movement to bring you 10 days of inspiration and encouragement to finding or magnifying your muchness!

much-ness  the joy and spark of light that fuels our days. our imaginations, our individuality, and our confidence!

Join us on an inspirational journey…each day we will share a specific theme with inspiration and instructions that hopefully will uplift and inspire you!  To make it fun we would like you to take a picture each day featuring the theme for that day and post it to instagram/face book, or twitter tagging @rhonnafarrer, @findingmymuchness, @momsbestntwk, using the hash-tag #muchnessmoments.  At the end of the ten days we will randomly be giving away some fun prizes to 6 lucky winners!  These winners will be chosen from the hash-tag  #muchnessmoments.  More details below…


5 winners will receive a 30 Day Deck of Muchness Moments! This deck of 30 glittery cards has inspirational quotes on the fronts and creative prompts on the backs to help you tap into and collect your #MuchnessMoments every day! Then 1 lucky winner will receive a customized Muchness Band– Muchness bands are silk and sequined accessories with inspiring quotes on the inside and secret pockets for your affirmations and love notes to yourself.  Winners announced November 30th!

It is our hope that by the end of these ten days… you will continue on the path of magnifying your muchness each day!  Remembering to never let anything or anyone keep you from feeling that light and passion you so deserve!



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