How cute is Holly’s home decorated up for the holidays? We just love the
rustic-modern style of her home.  Holly is an Interior Designer, her amazing home was featured in Better Homes & Gardens in 2005, since than has taken on many new clients and spends her times designing and raising her two boys. Holly’s 1941 cottage is breathtaking, her approach to design is clean and sophisticated. Be sure to check out more of Holly’s home & other designs here.  As well as our fun little interview with her below…



MB= What inspirations do you look for when designing your home for the holidays?

Holly= My inspiration is my faith and family traditions.  Christmas is about Christ birth in our home not just presents and Santa though we do like to have fun too!  I love to use lots of red and keep it bright and full of lights since our boys are still young!

I think the main thing for moms to keep in mind when styling for the holidays to to establish tradition, keep perspective about things being perfect, add whimsy especially if you have kids and never forget to focus on the deeper meaning of the holiday..its so important to focus on the interior of things and why we do them not just the exterior “look” or trend


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MB= What are your top 3-5 tips for other moms wanting to style and design their home for the holidays (or any season)? 

Holly= Definitely visit the garden section for natural elements for the holidays. Nothing adds more than greenery..don’t get suckedin to buying too many premade decorations but don’t kill yourself making too much either. Maybe focus on one thing each year.


MB=What places/shops would you recommend to moms that are looking for design their space for the holidays?

Holly= The one thing i have learned the older i get as a mom and homemaker…each year doesn’t have to be perfect and one year the tree might be great, one year you might make new stockings, one year you might bake a lot but you don’t have to do it ALL the same year unless it just happens..don’t put so much stress on yourself you don’t enjoy and your kids and spouse dont either..if its a craft you enjoy and you are loving it then great but if you are miserable stop and think and redirect. 


MB=  Does social media influence the way you design a space in your home (either it be for holidays or  everyday)?

Holly= I hope social media does not influence.  Let’s don’t show off or copy too much..Yes social media is a great place to get inspired but if it starts to feel like pressure, step away or if you find yourself wanting to do something just so you can take a picture..then red flag! I really want to vow to keep the main thing the main thing this Christmas and not take so many phone pics I don’t enjoy.





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