Mom’s best Loves Borboleta Beauty Lashes! If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions or a seasoned eyelash extension specialist you won’t want to miss this….Featuring Borboleta Beauty lashes and Kim Jaynes the darling beauty and brains behind this awesome brand!  It all started with her desire to find the best product out there for her clients…when she couldn’t find it…she decided to figure out a way to create her own.  We are here to say that from our own first hand experience we can confirm…these truly are the best around! We love that there are different curl options  C, D, or J, the one to use depends on the style and effect you want.

Sharing more details below in our mini-interview with Kim Jaynes, creator and founder of Borboleta Beauty.


Photo Credit: Stephanie Sunderland


MB= Why did you start Borboleta Beauty (BB)?

I started BB because I wanted a quality product line that was not crazy expensive. Since lash extensions are so new the only product lines I came across were ones that had stiff lashes or seemed flimsy with no curl.  On top of that they were very expensive.  I wanted my clients to have the best quality but also be affordable!


photo credit: Jordan Ashley…JordAsh Photography 

MB= What makes BB products unique?
BB products are made with quality ingredients…super soft lashes made with the most similar fibers to the human lash.


MB= Share with us a few tips for maintaining lash extensions?
1. Do not ever pick!

2. No mascara unless it’s made for lash extensions.

3. Never use any oil base products around your eyes.

4. Try to get a fill every 2.5 – 3 weeks



Photo credit: Tiffany Bills

MB= Do they ruin your lashes?
No! If done properly…as well follow the proper steps above in maintaining them and your natural lashes will stay nice and healthy. 🙂


MB= Is there anything else we should know?
Lashes are a high maintenance service. If you are considering getting them make sure you find a very experienced eyelash artist. As well I suggest going to someone who’s work you have seen.

If you are in love with eyelash extensions be sure to tell your eyelash artist all about Borboleta Beauty lashes….you will be so glad you did!


Thank you Kim for inspiring us with your entrepreneurial spirit and for creating this amazing product for all of us to Love!  This is Kim below with her Husband Craig. photo taken by Tiffany Bills.  Follow along in Kim’s entrepreneurial Journey Via Instagram here….


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