From the simple to the ornate, you can surely make a statement with the right jewelry accessories!  We love that gold has really made a comeback, passing up silver by a mile! However, don’t be afraid to mix and match gold, rose gold, silver, and bronze…you never know what might be a big hit!  Some layering is always in style! 🙂

A couple of overall trends include floral touches as seen in this petal shaped statement necklace #1;  as well as floral diamond studded earrings and a statement necklace #10 and #11.

Watches are for more than just telling time, a bold gold watch added to any arm party is super chic!  #9 is one of our favorites!   It’s all about the layering here too…

We will forever love the simplicity of wearing  a single necklace like #4 arrow necklace, as well as a classic circle on a chain.  Mom’s best love’s accessories!


1. Petal Winner statement necklace
2. Chunky Curb Chain necklace
3. Coated Confetti necklace Kate Spade
4. Arrow necklace
5. half inch square stud earrings, Kate Spade
6. Skinny bow + diamond studded bangles, Kate Spade
7. Classic Pave Link bracelet
8. Swarovski Crystal bracelet
9. Gramercy grand bracelet watch 38mm
10. Magnolia blossom bib necklace
11. Diamond Flora stud earrings
12. Scallop ring
13. Peach Drop earrings

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