Life is full of second chances and the beginning of a New Year is like getting a second chance! Starting off with a clean slate gives me an increased desire to do and be better in 2014!

Reflecting back over 2013…my experiences have brought me greater clarity and focus to exactly what my continued goals should be!  My goals have only changed a little bit … I share in great detail how I like to set goals in my past post from January 2013 here.  I like to create a list of positive words or affirmations called…I AM statements that I look at and read daily!  There is power in positive thinking and as I look back over the past few years,  I recognize that it is through these thoughts and statements that I have accomplished many things!

I might add just a few more words to my list of I AM statements…this year I would like to add the word Much-ness…   I would like to focus on those #muchnessmonents that bring me happiness and joy…those moments where I feel energized, happy, loving, and passionate! Passionate about life and the projects and activities I am doing with my family, with mom’s best, and with any other activity I find important!  I was so inspired by our #10dayfindingmymuchness photo challenge, it was a great collaboration with Tova Gold from  and Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs, so many of you rose to the challenge and inspired me.  We are looking forward to doing a few more of these photo challenges this year so stay tuned!

Here’s to a new year and a new year you…may you also find your passion and joy!

Please enjoy one of our most popular downloads here…this I AM print,  hang it where you can read it everyday…and remember that you are amazing!  xxo Tana

ps…you may also download a blank version of this same I AM print here too, so you can easily write in some of your own words.




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