Create this super easy backdrop for less than $10.  This paper fan backdrop is perfect for any event…birthday, showers, a photo backdrop or even above a crib in a nursery.  We created this one in pink for our upcoming Valentine’s party!   The best part about it, this backdrop won’t break the bank which allows more $$ to be put into other party details.  All you’ll need is glue, scissors, and a variety of card stock.   Follow these super easy steps to create your own unique paper fan backdrop!

paper fan party backdrop



Card stock-Paper




Step one: Start out with either a 8.5×11 or 12×12 piece of card stock. Fold the card stock in half

Step two: Unfold the card stock and cut the card stock along the folded edge.

Step three: Accordion style fold the paper in 1/4″-1/2″ stripes. Fold the paper one way first than flip the paper around and fold it the other way, this is accordion style folding.

Step four: Keep folding the paper back and forth until the entire piece is folded.

Step five: Fold the accordion style paper in half, than glue folded pieces together. Now you have one half of the paper fan complete.

Step six: Repeat and accordion fold the other half of the sheet that you cut. Glue the ends together and now you have the other half of the paper fan complete. Now glue the two pieces together. Now you have a completed fan.

Step seven: Cut a small circle out and glue it to the middle of the fan. Repeat these steps until you have all the paper fans that you desire.

Tip. Use both 8.5×11 & 12×12 card stock to create different sizes of fans. Cut the paper smaller if you want to create “mini” fans.



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