You’re the queen  (or king) of my heart!  Create these easy DIY crowns for your little ones on Valentines Day.  Don’t have a little queen? Not to worry just swap out the glitter paper for black cardstock & be sure to download the free “King of my Heart” tag.  These little mini crowns are sure to be a hit for your little ones, or perfect for a Valentines themed party & fun centerpiece.  Total cost to make these little crowns…$2 or less.


1/4  inch elastic
Glitter Paper/Black cardstock

Sheet of Felt

Hot Glue


Download Crown Template here

Download Tag Template here



How to:

Step one: Print the template and cut out the crown to trace it on the backside of your glitter paper or black card stock.

Step two: Cut out the crown from the glitter paper, align the two small ends of the crown pieces and glue the two ends together

Step tree: Fold the felt in half and cut a heart shape along the folded pieces.

Step four: Add the pom-poms and heart to your crown. Tip: Hot glue works really well for this step and the following step.

Step five: Add the elastic to the inside of the crown. Attach the elastic with hot glue. Cut small felt circles out with the scrap felt, and attach them to the inside of the crown, this helps hide and secure the elastic.

Step six: Download and Print the tag template…attach to crown.

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