At mom’s best we LOVE imaginative play! Putting on one of these darling masks and tails from Opposite of far is the perfect opportunity for your children to engage in easy and fun imaginative play! Big brother Austin and sweet Presley are having an absolute ball becoming a Lion, Kitty, wolf and fox! This imaginative play will fine tune your child’s cognitive and social skills while encouraging make believe.
Outfit and toy details below…  Photo credit: Mom’s Best


Outfit details:

Striped leggings from Miss J handmade, star tee and neon pink cardigan from Target, black converse,  Denim button up shirt from Ruum kids wear, black pants Old Navy.

Kitty mask + tail, Lion Mask, Fox mask, and Wolf Mask from Opposite of far.
Wolf Tail from Colette bream
Pink Go Car from Kid O, Colorful Sort a shape house  from Kid O,  puzzle Little Pnuts.


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