If you’re trying to lose some extra baby weight or just wanting to trim down, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to clothing. What you wear now, what you’re going to wear for the next few months and what you’re going to wear when the new you finally arrives are all different things. It’s not as simple as just hitting the mall for a shopping trip.  So if you want to look your best, no matter what size you are, here are 6 simple guidelines to make the transition smooth and easy.

  1. Plan Ahead: Depending on how much weight you lose, your body shape may change. Are you currently an apple shape? Your ‘fruit type’ could soon change, which in turn should change the way you dress. According to fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi on Weight Watcher’s website, empire waist dresses and bust-enhancing tops are great for pear shapes. Take a mindful look at where and how you lose weight, and do research so you know what will look most flattering on your new body.

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2. Get Realistic: Things are not going to fit perfectly, and that’s OK. Keep in mind all the fun you will have shopping for your new body in the future. Make large shirts work by cinching them with a belt on your shrinking waist, or put your sewing skills to work by taking them in a bit on each side. Also invest in a few pairs of stretchy denim that will conform to your body as you jump down in size.

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3. Accessorize: If you hit a goal, reward yourself with items that will last. Buy shoes and accessories that you will be able to wear long after your weight loss journey. Whether its or a nice new purse, little rewards keep you motivated. Also, by accessorizing your basic outfits, you can mix and match so you don’t get bored with your temporary limited wardrobe.




4. Try Things On: While losing weight, the dressing room will be your best friend on some days and worst nightmare on others. But, because your body is changing, try to have fun and see what makes you look and feel good. If you’ve never thought you could pull off a curve-hugging wrap dress, try it on! Even if you are not ready to buy it, you can see the progress you have made and get an idea of what you want your new skinny girl wardrobe to look like.

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5. Go Bold: Your friends, coworkers and family are going to notice you are losing weight, so why not show it off? Wear a color you would never wear before, switch up your hair to flatter your new face shape or get a makeover at the makeup counter. Playing with different looks to enhance your new, healthy self is not only fun, but also a good distraction on days you feel discouraged and don’t want to focus solely on losing weight.

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6. Keep Your Head Up an Stay Positive: Shopping while you are losing weight can be frustrating. You’re shrinking and so is your closet. Keep the momentum by reminding yourself that this transformation takes time. If all else fails, it’s completely fine to throw on your most comfortable PJs and start again tomorrow.

You can do it! xxo 

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