St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, having a little breakfast treat for your little ones is the perfect way to start out the day! This “Little Leprechaun Breakfast” is so easy and your kids will love it! All you’ll need are some donuts, icing, and green food coloring. Easy and so fun, you can even include your little one in making Leprechaun donuts!

Buy some cake donuts & icing from your local market. Warm the icing so that it becomes running, I mixed mine in a bowl than add green food coloring. Hold the bottom of the donut & dip the first half in the icing, place on a drying rack until the icing become hard! You can add green food coloring for green milk. That’s it, easy Leprechaun donuts & milk for a festive breakfast!

Download the Gold flags and dots¬†here…either use adhesive paper or adhere the dots with glue to stick them to a glass or milk bottle.


sweet treats for your little leprechaunsweet treats for your little leprechaunsweet treats for your little leprechaun

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