My two boys Nixon and Grey  just turned 3 and 1… they love animals so this year  I decided to plan a circus party theme  for the both of them. Here is a little  sneak peak to the party plus a detailed tutorial for their fun banners.  I always love making banners for birthdays or holidays. They are so fun and the possibilities are endless. Plus they are so easy once you get the hang of them.

For more pics of my Evan’s brothers circus party plus the details on where I bought all of my fun party supplies visit my blog here…banner tutorial below.



2014-03-06_0008circus partycircus party balloonscircus party banner


Banner tutorial below…

*Please note that the sizes can be changed, these are just the sizes I have been using for the last couple years, I sorta have it down to a science. 🙂


1: Trace + cut out your flags for the banner. ( I googled “flag banner template” and then chose one that I liked and resized it. ) I have a template I trace each time and it’s 4.25″ inches wide by 6.75″ inches long.

2014-03-09_0001 banner tutorial

2: For my paper pinwheel, I cut two strips of paper 2.5″ inches wide by 11″ inches long.

3: I always use a decorative piece of paper as a large circle underneath my letter circle. For this circle I cut it 3″ inches in diameter. (For my letter circles are 2.5″ in diameter)

4: Take the two strips of paper for your pinwheel and fold them accordion style. Back and forth. Back and forth.

2014-03-09_0003 2014-03-09_0004 banner tutorial

5: Glue the two strips of paper together. You will want to make sure the folds match up, and if they don’t, cut the end off so they do.

6: Scrunch the top of that pinwheel together. Place hot glue in the center and slowly push the pinwheel flat to the surface. Hold in place until glue is dry.

2014-03-09_0006 2014-03-09_0007 2014-03-09_0008 banner tutorial

7: Add glue to the back of the pinwheel and attach it to the flag. Add glue to the front and add your decorative circle.

8: Add your letter to the top of the decorative circle.

It’s as easy as that! I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please ask!

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circus party banner

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