With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner…here’s a little rainbow style inspiration you could use to help style your next party!  The great thing about it, this rainbow theme could be used any time of the year for any kind of party.

So if your planning a rainbow party make sure you include some of our favorites!

rainbow_1 rainbow_2 rainbow_3

1. We think a rainbow cake, like this one, would be perfect. This tutorial makes creating this cake look like so much fun! We know it’s sure to be a hit!

2. This rainbow tassel garland from Studio Mucci is so fitting for a rainbow party, every color & even in metallic too!

3. These wooden spoons from Sucre Shop, put plastic spoons to shame. These have so much more character and we think the little ones would enjoy them as a treat, too.

4. Feeling like decorating a rainbow cake, and not just from the inside, try this adorable decorate rainbow cake.. it’s just too fun!

5. We think a little wall decoration is a must for any party, try this rainbow paper bunting garland, this could be a fun DIY, too.

6. Perhaps decorating that cake is going to take too much time? This cake topper would be easy and perfect!

7. What’s a party without confetti? Need we say more? This confetti would be fitting for any party.

8. Rainbow drinks/juices would be a fun addition! You can purchase these plastic milk bottles here.

9. The rainbow cookies are so darling, we think they are a must have, source via here.

10. This rainbow dot washi tape could be fun for making flag toppers for cupcakes, adding to a package or just to tape up garlands!

11. These sweet little edible sugar rainbows toppers would be absolutely adorable on top of cupcakes or added to cookies!

12. Rainbow topped cupcakes so darling! Try this fun recipe from here.

13. Rainbow sandwich cookies. Make sugar cookies and smash them together with different colors of frosting!

14. Make sure your guest take home a fun treat in these rainbow treat bags!


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