Focusing on clean healthy eating has been a goal for 2014! It was a rough go at first as sweets are my absolute favorite (mostly candy)! Exercise for me has never been a problem as I am as consistent as they come…so when the scale kept creeping up by a few pounds then 5 pounds despite my best effort…I realized I needed to make some changes to get myself back on track and that change had to come through a more strict diet.  So I  cut sugar, sauces and grains completely out for at least 3 weeks to sorta give my body a little detox and only fill it with real food plus do my already consistent exercise that I love doing (Zumba +plus some running here and there)!

That was about 2  1/2  weeks ago, in that time I have lost 6 pounds, and I’m sure several inches! (have not had a chance to remeasure yet)  🙂 I’m feeling great and have noticed a big change in my body and spirit!  The cravings for sweets is gone and I’ve learned the value of getting more fruits and veggies in my diet as I’m learning the art of juicing.  My husband found Dr. Oz’s Green drink recipe and it has fast become one of my favorites and I wanted to share it with you!  The cool thing about it is you can vary the recipe by adding  in a few of your other favorite fruits!  After the 3 weeks I still plan to continue eating clean but will slowly add back in some more of the healthy fats.  I have found that you really need to find a balance and do what works best for you and your body.  Consistency is key!

Just a little side note…although drinking this green drink has certainly been a benefit for me, its only part of the reason for my success. I have only drank it a few times in the past two weeks. I’m excited to explore other juicing recipes as I have seen the benefits firsthand. Here’s to staying on the path to a healthier you and me!   


Green Drink Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients to buy at the store + plus if you would like to turn this into a blender recipe simply core the apples and squeeze the juice from the lemon and lime.



As well here’s a list of  other fruits I like to add in(some but not all of them)
variety is the spice of life 🙂

or a banana




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