A wise person once said how do you spell love? the answer…T…I…M…E   Spending focused one on one time with our children is very important.  Sure life can get busy for all of us but it’s so important for our children to feel that we truly love and care enough about them to take some special time for just them.  Crafting and being creative is the perfect activity to spend that quality time with your sweet kids.  With this in mind we decided to round up a few of our favorite easter themed crafts to give us all some great ideas for that next scheduled one on one time you have planned this week!

So why not spend that quality time doing something you both will love while watching their creativity and love for you grow even stronger!  Your kids will be happier, which will make you happier too!

Pss…we love dying Easter eggs…these gold marbled easter eggs are so easy they just might be our new favorite!

easter crafts

1. DIY gold marbled Easter Eggs

2. Mer Mag Bunny Plate Purse

3. Easter Origami Bunny Treat Box

4. Bunny Headband

5. DIY Egg Heads via Sweet Paul Magazine

6. Honeycomb Easter Bunny Head

7. Easter Bunny Photo Printable Props

8. Bunny Ear Bags

9. Mer Mag Easter Bucket

10. 30 Second Monsieur Egg

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