Oh yes, we are sure loving our sweet little lunches around here! We have jumped on the bento bandwagon, and can’t get enough of it! The best thing about these lunches…not only are they cute and fun but they seem to encourage our little ones to try new food options! Put aside the Mac and cheese and try this fun food option for your kids! Here are the details of our little Easter inspired lunch bento style!

First we used an empty egg carton and a few plastic eggs. Then we cut up fresh peppers, cucumbers, and cheese cut into a fun flower shape, added cherry tomatoes then cut a tiny flower pb&j sandwich, mini marshmallows (or in this case our little bunny tails), rolled up organic turkey bites, some crackers,  and what would Easter be without a boiled egg cut in half to make little Easter chicks!  It looks super cute and is so yummy that your little ones will be sure to enjoy it! Have a Happy Easter bento style!


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