Forget the candy filled Easter eggs, these little mini confetti filled bunny egg pinatas will be a hit! Break or crush and throw them in the air to bring some holiday cheer! Hang them on the wall as Easter decor or use them as place settings, the possibilities are endless.  They will be so much fun!

P.S. We will announce the winner of our Grand PRIZE kids room makeover later today! Watch for the details via our instagram as well as face book pages…it was a very tight race especially once you add up all the totals within each category.  We wanted to say great  job to all 4 contestants that worked so hard…as always we wish we could award the space to each one of you! Luckily you will all walk away with something as we have some awesome runner up prizes!   xxo


Step 1: Hallow out a real egg. Crack the bottom of the egg on the counter, peel the bottom off carefully to make a small hole that you can fill confetti with. Wash inside of egg and let dry.


Step 2: Fill with confetti, lots of confetti, the more the merrier! Take a small piece of tissue and hot glue the confetti filled egg shut.


Step 3: Cut stripes of tissue paper, about 1″ wide. Leave the top edge solid, this will be your gluing surface. Add fringe stripes to the egg, one layer at a time, until the top is covered.


Step 4: Download the template for the ears, nose, and whiskers. Cut them out and hot glue them to the fringe(y) egg. Hang with string or place them in a recycled egg carton.





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