We are inspired by the amazing mama Miranda Crane, she is half the genius behind this fun-loving brand Whistle and Flute! We fell in love with the Kawai cloud, and Je T’aime sweatshirts & tees…such a fun fresh modern take on kids and mama fashion! We love matching our littles too,  great for the whole family!  What happened by a complete accident has blessed so many with the smiles each clothing piece brings.  Read on to be inspired by the wonderful story of this mama and her darling brand! Real moms do inspire!  Make sure you head on over to check them out now…

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Whistle and FLUTE

photo courtesy of Whistle and Flute

MB: Share with us your story of how you started your business…

My husband Ryan and I started designing t shirts for our band, The Paper Cranes years ago. We have since retired but when we had our son Aki we weren’t able to find many T shirts we liked in his size. We designed a few shirts together and screen printed them (Ryan is a graphic designer and screen printer and I have a background in fashion). It was meant to be! We had a lot of people interested in buying the shirts we made Aki and so Whistle & Flute was born. A total accidental business!

MB: How do you juggle motherhood while running your business..a few tips or things that have helped you stay sane…

I’m still working on this! Ask for help! “Do what you do best, hire out the rest” and learn to say no. You can’t please everyone so the sooner you learn to accept that the saner you will be. It’s also important to get outside, play with the babies and take a bath. I’m a better business person when I’ve done these things.


photo credit: Becky Kimball

MB: What advice or encouragement would you give to another mom who is debating on whether they should take that leap of faith to start something new….

Go for it! There is no perfect time. Our business started taking off a few months before our second son was born. This was not an ideal time by any means but we made it work and you can too.

MB: 3 things we would not know about you…

I play the flute

I’m an organizer and…

I love a movie date above all other dates!

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