This easy DIY pin wheel bouquet is the perfect 15 minute craft to do with your little ones. Make and give them to grandma, or any other special lady in their life. The best part about these pin wheels is that they’ll stay around a lot longer than flowers. Add them to a plant, flower pot, or put them in a cute vase for the kitchen table. A fun way to also make a memory by spending time with your little ones making something special this Mother’s Day!

p.s. How fun would these be for a pinwheel themed party…so many possibilities!



Hole Punch


paper pinwheel printable

Wood Skewer or Dowel


Step One: Download and print free tag + pinwheel printable page.

_pinwheelstep1Step Two: Cut out each square printable, cut 2″ angle in towards the center of the printable. Make sure to cut all four of the edges


Step Three: Take one corner of the pinwheel and fold it to the center, add a glue dot, or glue to hold it in place.


Step Four: Repeat folding all four corners to the center, glue all to the center._pinwheelstep4

Step Five: Add pinwheel to dowel or stick, or straw. If you add to a straw use a tumb tack or push pin, push into straw, now your pinwheel is movable!_pinwheelstep5







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