This sweet little one reminds me daily to live in the moment! With our past week focused on inspiring women who juggle a business and motherhood…I have been inspired  by each one of them!  I love how Lauren from Velveteen Clothing put it…

“Motherhood isn’t just about allocating time to your children, it’s allocating your mind and heart as well and I find that this is as difficult as anything else.

The sanity-critical tip is to focus on whatever is in front of you whilst it’s there. If you’re working, close the door and work. If you’re with the kids, turn your design brain off, put the iPhone down and be there with them. When the kids are in bed and the studio is closed, take a minute for yourself and try to shut everything else out.”

I agree with Lauren, as I find it difficult at times to not be distracted while with my kids and family especially when there is a lot on my plate! So focusing on whatever is in front of me at that moment is very key…I plan to re-focus myself and try to really live within each moment! To not stress about what is happening next week, or even tomorrow but focus on each task and or person in front of me. This is always a challenge but I know as I do so my family will always get the best of me at each moment I am with them.

Featuring this fun little photo shoot with my Presley, I love how she radiates pure joy! What a blessing it is to be her mother, as well to be a mother to my other 4 amazing children!  Sharing her outfit details below…

Announcing mother’s day contest winners:

Congratulations to our ultimate mother’s day giveaway winners! To see the winners  go to our entry post here… 

presley21 presley11

presley-71presley81presley-61presley41 presley-51

Outfit Details:

Tutu Dress from Pippylou boutique

Head scarf from Wiselooks

Salt water sandals from Navy Perl



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