Sweet little newborn photos are our favorite, but sometimes we may just want to be able to capture those perfect raw candid moments every day!  As they grow so quickly…really the only way to freeze time is with a picture!  So we have rounded up some newborn photo essentials as well as 3 easy tips for taking newborn photos at home by your self.  Be prepared there may be a little bit of a learning curve, but that’s ok…the only way to really get better is to take A LOT of pictures!  Then very soon you will be able to capture the perfect photos!




1. Canon t4i 2. Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens  3. Faux Ikea Sheepskin  4. Swaddle Blankets 

5. Knotted headbands

The essentials you will need are basic and easy to find. 1. Canon t4i skip the lens kit on this, trust us it’s not worth it, and buy your self the “nifty fifty” or the 2. Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens trust us, this lens is ridiculously amazing, it will make your beginner self feel like a pro, and give you that fuzzy background we all know and love. 3. Grab this faux ikea sheepskin, to lay your baby on, it’s soft, is the perfect white background, and will catch the light for a soft background. 4. Swaddle Blankets, babies loved to be swaddled, they feel safe, these organic blankets are perfect to tuck little baby bundles into. 5. Knotted headbands, or accessories grab some fun headbands or bow ties for a little bow to a fun accent in the photos.



Tip 1: Natural light, we can’t stress this enough, go to to the nearest open window, open the front door, anything to allow as much natural light into the photos, it makes a world of difference. For these photos we propped baby Gemma in front of a set of open windows, and laid her on the bed with the faux ikea sheepskin beneath. If you have photo editing software you can even brighten up the photo a bit to give it more natural light.

Tip 2: Keep shooting. You may feel like you’ve taken a hundred frames but just keep shooting, baby newborns are so candid, that little smirk out of Gemma was photo #74, at the time I didn’t even realize she was smirking until I was reviewing the final photos, so just keep shooting you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Tip 3: Keep it natural. Keep the photos honest, just let them do their thing, and grab a few objects around the house. Often time those are the best photos. If you have fun accessories lying around the house, grab that basket, fun chair, or just lay them on your white bedding. Those little objects help style the photo a bit but still allow them to be honest, not too staged. If you place them in a chair, put them in that same chair every month and grab a quick photo, you’ll be amazed how quick they grow that first year!


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