In honor of national running day this week as well as our preparation for running the upcoming American Fork Canyon Half Marathon JUNE 21st…our editor in chief Tana Hallows is sharing some of her favorite running must-haves! Also stay tuned for another featured post on keeping fit before during and especially after baby, as Tana will share how she keeps fit and looking even better than she did before having her 5 kids.

#runhappy   HAPPY Weekend!  xo

running must haves #runhappy

1.Under Armour tank
2.Garmin Heart Rate Monitor chest strap
3 Running shorts UA
4. Brooks favorite running shoes
5. GPS plus heart monitor Running watch from Garmin
6.Comfy running socks
7. protein Luna Bars
8. Best Running shorts
9. Cool running visor
10. Supportive Running Bra
11. I Phone 5 arm running Band
12. Comfy Capris from Under Armour

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