Excited to share my favorite chic summer maternity style today…I loved being pregnant with both my babies in the summer time. Despite the heat, it’s the best time for food, fashion and travel! All my favorite things! For maternity style, you need to think outside the box but the good news is that layers are non-essential. My favorite places to shop for basics are ASOS maternity, and A Pea in the Pod for swimwear. For beauty, nothing beats Net-a-Porter, you can find anything under the sun!  Just because your pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice any of your style! Embrace this special time…details below!
1. I love this beach bag! It’s big, and structured which guarantees I will still be able to find the slew of goodies I keep in there amongst diapers and teethers.  From net a porter here
2. This is the PERFECT beach read for me! I love reading about travelers journeys. Gypset Travel and Style by Julie Chaplin.
3. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for a summer cover up that won’t hide that pregnancy glow!
4. I have super long hair so the last thing I want to do is try to blow dry in the heat. This spray mist gives the perfect beach wave, for when you’re not on the beach.
5. Just a little shimmer for a hot summer night out.  Blush
6. Love this mascara and it’s super easy to use on the go
7.This cleanser won’t irritate your super hormonal skin
8. A little color and a great lip conditioner in one Tinted lip conditioner
11. Another v-neck maternity top from Asos  in my favorite blush color!
xxo Desiree!

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