Summer travel is the best! Our editor in chief Tana Hallows just returned from a week long vacation with her family of 7 to southern California. They had the blessed opportunity to visit one of the happiest places on earth…Disneyland and California Adventure!  She said it had been seven years since their last trip to disneyland so it was long overdue! Her kids range in age from 16 on down to age 3, they all had an absolute ball!  Excited to share a few pictures today from their recent adventure.  Traveling with kids is a challenge, especially with 5, we are amazed how people can do it!  Tana says it requires planning and lots of patience…her secret to survival included hitting a laundry mat midway through!   How is your summer vacation going? Any exciting plans?


They spent 3 days specifically at Disneyland to cover both parts of the park including California Adventure…it was EXHAUSTING yet so much FUN! With the recent increase in the park hopper ticket prices, they didn’t want to waste a single minute.  We did our research and found there are not many ways to save on ticket pricing, at most $5 – $10 a ticket and that is if you buy tickets with a AAA membership or at Disneyland Destinations.  You could  also save on your Hotel,  luckily  for them they were able to save on their hotel, by using some  bonus night vouchers from their Marriott rewards.  Then they spent the rest of their stay 15 minutes from Laguna beach in Aliso Viejo, at the Renaissance Club Sport.  Super close to one of our favorite beaches.  As well as one of the best hotels around, for the simple fact it’s also a sports club with every exercise amenity possible. So basically everyday you could participate in a few exercise classes at no extra charge. Did we mention how totally awesome it is to exercise while on vacation…we highly recommend it!

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