We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your families! We always have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after a long holiday weekend, especially in the summer!  Our fourth was filled with bbq’s, boating, and fireworks, we skipped the parade…what did you do for fun?

Today we are sharing some of our fun fourth fashion taken on our favorite new beach in southern California…loving our new camera lens…we shared about it in a previous post here…it really makes it easy to get more professional looking photos!

Outfit details below….

fourth-kids fashion red white and bluefourth-kids fashion red white and bluefourth-fashion61fourth-fashion-61fourth-fashion-21boys fashion stylefourth-fashion-11fourth-fashion-41 fourth-fashion-71


girls: ,  red striped , red striped , denim shorts,

boys: graphic tees, .

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