Putting this party together was so much fun! In anticipation of my youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday, I chose a black and white color scheme adding in some happy clouds inspired by her favorite Kawai Cloud shirt from Whistle and Flute.  I first started with the invitations, collaborating on a custom design with our favorite Hello Tosha, see details of this special invite below plus download your party invitations free.

The goal was to keep it clean and simple, I was able to keep the cost down by incorporating a few favorite items from around our home, a custom painted stripe wooden letter P that we have hanging in her bedroom, made by Sweet Grace Art. Along with this fun MADE WITH LOVE print from Skoope Home.  I also used the new I just bought for my kids bathroom as the table cloth…haha!  Check out the rest of the links and party details below.

We have some awesome free downloads available to help you recreate this fun black and white party!  Start first by downloading the Cloud Party Invites  designed by Hello Tosha exclusively for Mom’s Best.  Right here…the Cloud Party Invite

As well look below for the links to more free downloads including party hats, a fun coloring page and a fun game called PIN the Raindrop on the Cloud.  


Aren’t these just the cutest little party hats! Designed by our very own party style expert Chelsey Mass   we have two sizes for you to chose from, the black and white mini party hats  as seen here, or just a little bit bigger for bigger kids & adults  the striped party hat and the polka-dot party hat.  We added in a little tinsel fringe at the top then some string to secure them to their heads. These were also printed on 8.5×11 card stock. candy-bags-love4little-miss-P-blowing-out-candlesmain-pin-the-raindrop-on-the-cloud

PIN THE RAINDROP ON THE CLOUD…these little cuties had a ball coloring their clouds and their raindrops. We then played a fun game of Pin the Raindrop on the Cloud, you can download this free template design by Hello Tosha for Mom’s Best here…the  CLOUD and the RAINDROPS

PS we printed each on an 8.5×11 sheet of card stock for the party guests to color, we also enlarged the CLOUD to an 11×17 card stock for the actual game. Please share pictures of your cloud party using #MBpartystyle  + #MBblackandwhitecloudparty, we would love to see how you style it!




Just a little tip…make sure you prepare your cake the night before the party…just in case you have any challenges with the frosting.  That way it will be able to set up nicely in the fridge…with the heat of the day, our buttercream frosting caused a little bit of a delay as once we frosted the cake we had to wait for it to set up.  We also created these fun little cloud cake toppers from some cloud decals provided by Urban Walls.  Details for how we created this perfect party cake are featured here…

presents-1 presents-2presents-4cloud-party-5

These big round balloons are always a favorite, ours came from the Confetti and Sparkle Party shop, we wanted to show you the two options we created for the balloon tassels.  First, above we made a simple tassel garland from some tinsel we found with old christmas decor.   Then below we made another felt ball garland using our felt balls from the Confetti and Sparkle Party shop then added in a few pieces of  the same tinsel. Which one is your favorite?

The banner, striped napkins, cups, and plates were very inexpensive $1-$2 each, we bought

balloon-tassel-garland-option-2candy-bags-2Throwing a party for 2 and 3 yr olds was exhaustingly fun, for most of them it was their first friend birthday party. It was cute to watch their discovery as they went through the treasures in their treat bags.  They just sat there on the floor so content!


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