Make sure to send your kids back to school in style this year! We rounded up a list of back to school basic essentials! Covering everything from hair ties (J. Crew) to back packs (Fjallraven). We are loving the fun bright colors that are trending this year, so send your kiddo back to school with some of these fun trendy colors!


1. Crew Cuts Hair Ties
2. Chevron Lunch Box 
3. 3 pack Headbands
4.  ‘Kate’ Graphic Tunic
5. Crew Cuts Girls’ Statement Necklace
6. Crew Cuts Girls’ Glitter Slip on Shoes
7. Yoobi No. #2 Pencils
8. Crystal Barrette
9.  Liner Socks (3 pack)
10. Fluorescent Color Pencils
11. Fjallraven Pink Back Pack
12. Hunter Lime Rain Boots
13. Crew Cuts Hair Ties

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