We are huge fans of deviled eggs! So while on Whole 30 we have been experimenting alot with some of our old favorite recipes swapping out ingredients to make them whole 30 compliant. These avocado deviled eggs are our new favorite! My family who have been supporting me through this journey absolutely loved them and they aren’t even following my special diet! 🙂 So that really says a lot for how yummy they must be… YOU have got to try them now!avocado-deviled-eggs-1

Boil and then peel 6-8 eggs,cut in half taking out yolk, place on plate.

In a small bowl, mash 1 medium avocado and 4-5 egg yolks

chop a small bunch of cilantro 2 T

Add 2 T chopped red or white onion

Squeeze in about 1-2 tsp lime juice (to taste)

Mix in 2 T olive oil mayo- whole 30 compliant…we used our favorite recipe here…

Place mixture in a zip lock bag, snip off the corner and squeeze mixture into each egg white.

ENJOY! 🙂 Yum!


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