Creating a fun gallery wall is a big trend  right now! Today  I’m sharing  (Desiree Spinner, from La Petite Peach) my  favorite prints for a fun eclectic kids gallery wall!  In love with these earthy natural style prints, and their vintage modern aesthetic.  Which ones are your favorite? The fun thing about these prints you could use them in their bedroom or play space! So please check out the links below for where to buy any one of these adorable prints!

La Petite Peach_Gallery Wall_MBN_water

  1. Serena and Lilly Amsterdam Print
  2. Farmers Market Etsy Print
  3. Land of Nod Bear on the Moon Canvas
  4. Land of Nod Ice Cream Print
  5. Radish Moon Print
  6. Paula Madonna Art Print
  7. Buffalos in the Wild Print Etsy
  8. Serena and Lilly Mila Feathers Print
  9. Land of No Outdoor Banner Backpacking Print

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