I hope you enjoyed my last article on tips for healthy snacking.  But what about the food?  Here are a few of my all time favorite snack ideas for kids:

  • Deli roll up: nitrate free turkey or chicken deli meat rolled with low fat cheese and a thinly sliced cucumber
  • Open faced cashew butter and jelly sandwich with chia seeds
  • Smoothies: choose 2 fruits and 1 protein (milk or yogurt) and blend with ice
  • Banana with almond butter hats: sliced bananas topped with a dollop of almond butter and sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Protein packed yogurt bar: offer low-fat Greek yogurt and a choice of toppings [berries, granola or sliced nuts] and let kids make their own snackhealthy snack ideas for kids
  • Pesto pizza bites: toast a whole wheat English muffin and top with tomato sauce, pesto and a light sprinkling of low fat cheese
  • Plain old-fashioned rolled oats made with low-fat milk and cinnamon, then topped with a drizzle of honey or maple syruphealthy snack ides for kids
  • Half a banana with whole wheat crackers and 1 tbsp peanut butterhealthy snack ideas for kids
  • Popcorn trail mix: 2 cups popcorn, 1 tbsp dried raisins or dried cherries and 1 tbsp chopped walnutshealthy snacks for kids popcorn trail mix

Happy snacking!






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