Looking for a certain kind of table cloth or runner? Instead of searching all over  for the perfect table runner like I did for my husbands birthday bash…go ahead and make your own! I wanted something masculine but still had a fun texture and pattern…so after searching all over online, I happened to find my self in the paint section grabbing some paint and found this drop cloth right beside it for $8. Perfect! It was long enough and I could make it however I wanted with any style or pattern.

So next time you are searching for a table cloth for your next party or event, go ahead and grab a drop cloth and some paint, think dots, lines, or patterns, and make your own! It’s that easy!   Here’s how I created my custom table cloth/runner for $10!

DIY table cloth or table runner for $10





Supplies: Drop Cloth,  Latex Paint, Tape, Scissors


Step one: Tape off your desired pattern. Make sure the tape stick to the drop cloth to prevent and bleeding for crisp lines.


Step two: Add paint to the roller and start painting the desired area. Hint: It helps to mark the “stripes” your painting ahead of time with a dot of paint, that way you don’t accidentally paint the stripe right next to the one you already painted.


Step three: Keep on painting! I painted outside, however if you buy a drop cloth with a plastic backing you don’t have to worry about paint bleeding through on the backside.

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