Today we are featuring the lovely Lauren Bowyers, (pronounced like lawyer) we are in love with her maternity style! She will share some fabulous tips for all of you expecting or soon-to-be expecting mamas out there. We love her simplistic style that is comfortable + fashionable at the same time, because lets be honest, being comfortable during pregnancy is so important! See Lauren’s pregnancy style below + a few tips from her on how to dress your bump…  Also make sure you have entered our #ultimatenewmamagiveaway!

dressing the bump

dressing the bump

Lauren says, “I normally love to shop a lot but while I was pregnant I cut back quite a bit. I bought a few nice versatile pieces i could wear regularly. I did not want to spend a lot of money on lots of pieces I wouldn’t be wearing for more than a few months. I was also amazed at how quickly I outgrew things I bought at the beginning of my pregnancy! You end up needing to buy more things to get you through those last few weeks. ”

Her advice:

Tip #1: My best advice for those who are dressing their bump is to invest in some important pieces. Your baby shower is a really big day, so you should wear something you love. I wore a Free People dress, which is not maternity, so I can wear it now that she is here!

Tip #2: My black maxi skirt from Target, also not maternity, was on repeat at least twice a week! It was easy to pair with different tops, jackets, shawls and have a totally different outfit! It was also the skirt I wore home from the hospital. Comfy, yet pretty!

Tip #3: I am a working mom so I did need to buy some nice professional pieces as well. Asos was my go to for those types of dresses. They have a huge selection of maternity that is trendy, yet affordable. They were perfect for my days at work as well as church. A lot of my maternity clothing was purchased online. I was never very impressed with what I found in the maternity stores at the mall!

Tip #4: My last advice is to not be too hard on yourself and your growing body. I would get down sometimes buying sizes that seemed big or growing out of things I thought I was going to wear until 40 weeks. You just don’t always feel your best when you’re pregnant. Having some pieces that make you feel comfortable and pretty are what helped me get through the days that I didn’t feel my best!”


dressing the bump

dressing the bump

 Navy Dress: Asos

Red dress: free people

Striped Dress: TJ MAXX
Denim Vest: Target

Black floral dress



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