Today, we’re talking about Halloween snacks! We know that our kids just love this time of year, especially all the candy, but this year we are trying to offer something just a little healthier!  The secret to healthier eating for kids is BE CREATIVE, this makes it fun! Here’s a list of nine treat inspired snacks for your little ones that they will want to try!

Just think when you were little you never wanted to eat “just an apple”?, but an apple that looks like monster teeth is hard to pass up, now that’s fun! These snacks are perfect for a Halloween school party, after school, or just because! Have fun with it!

Happy friday! xxo

9 Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids

1. Strawberry Dipped Treats
2. Asparagus Mummys
3. Clementines Pumpkins (similar link)
4. Candy Corn Fruit Cocktails
5. “Boo”nanas
6. Spooky Apple Smiles
7. Halloween Spider Crackers
8. Witches Broomsticks
9. Owl Inspired Crackers



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