One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is decorating cookies, boxing them up, and giving them to friends, neighbors, and loved ones. So why not have a cookie decorating party? Yes! Absolutely, grab the family and decorate your little heart out!  This simple DIY decorating party kit is perfect to give to a friend, neighbor,  or child…change out the pink for red or green.  to get them excited about helping you in the kitchen. We’ll be using these fun DIY boxes in our Christmas Cookie Decorating party feature, so stay tuned to see how we changed them up in the full party feature coming soon!

DIY cookie decorating kit

Here’s what we put in our boxes: ps have a little fun add a princess crown or party hat and make it feel like an “official” Christmas cookie party!

Box (similar)
Paper Straws
Cookie Cutters
Mini Treat Bags
DIY Animal Toppers (spray small plastic animals adhere to skewer)
Cupcake Liners
Scallop Cupcake
Wood Utensils (similar)
Mini Scoops (similar)
Rock Candy (for a treat to enjoy while decorating, of course)
Bottle Brush Trees (spray painted)

Tip: I prefer to use the Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold spray paint, it has a much brighter finish

DIY cookie decorating kit








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