We are excited to partner with Babiekins Magazine to share a fun little holiday gift guide series! Kicking it off with some little girl’s style picks curated by beautiful mama and style maker Karla Quiz. She is a darling mama to two of the sweetest little girls, we love her style and thought you would to!  Check out her picks below + stay tuned as we continue to share the rest of this series along with a HUGE holiday gift guide giveaway coming soon!

Karla’s holiday shopping Tip: 

” Once the holiday’s roll around I like to think of things that can be passed down to little sister as well as something I can watch them do/play together..Like a board game or a doll house. I make one “large” purchase and a couple smaller ones. For grandma and grandpa I always suggest ideas or ask if they would like to chip in on the big gift. This year I had family go in on a doll house by Miniio.  To say I’m excited to see France open it would be an understatement. Now imagine once Fair gets a little older and can join in? My heart melts at the thought. For birthdays and special moments we can add dolls and little house accessories, not all the details need to be purchased before Christmas. I enjoy buying them a gift that grows with them….”


1. Rylee + Cru Swan Onsie
2. Chloe Instead
4. Botines Kids Booties
5. Zavora Pullover
6. Mahalo Pink Ukelele
7. Wee Gallery Wool Shut Eye Blank
8. Hape Toys Happy Harp
9. Velveteen Gemma Skirt
10. Miniio Modern Doll House + Furniture

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