The holidays are a perfect time to throw a party! This Holiday Cookie party is easy and fun for everyone, especially the kids.  Remember these cute cookie boxes we shared last week? These will make your Holiday Cookie Party perfect!  Invite the little kids + neighbors to come decorate cookies, and let their imaginations run wild!  The bright colors mixed with the traditional green and red are a fun modern twist!  Here’s some easy tips on how to put together your own easy cookie party!

holiday cookie party


Options: Include LOTS of fun options for the little kids to use for decorating.  Cut out toppers, sprinkles, lots of colored frosting, crushed peppermints, anything little and fun for the kids to use! Letting their minds be creative is the best!

Plan ahead: Make the cookies and cupcakes ahead of time and freeze them. Make them on that snowed in Saturday with nothing to do, pop them in the freezer. They will stay perfectly fresh for up to a month!

Dollar Finds: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but seriously do your self and your wallet a favor, check out the local dollar section has! I found those mini honeycomb trees + ball 2 for a $1 at my local dollar store, along with the milk bottles 2 for $3. Do NOT underestimate the dollar store.

Get Craft: Who says just the kiddos can have fun at this party? If you’re feeling craft we included a template for these scallop boxes + star banner. Also grab some mini plastic animals & gold spray paint them. Add them for a fun topper to the party!






IMG_8459w4   IMG_8529_w  IMG_8529w3



Mini Scoops: Etsy
Mini ceramic dishes & milk bottles: Target
Star Napkins + Dot Treat Cups: Sweet LuLu
Cookie Cutters, Cupcake Wrappers: Sweet Estelle
Scallop Boxes + Star Banner: scallop boxes + star banner
DIY Cookie Box: Tutorial via this post

Photo Credit + Style: Chelsey Mass

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