Congratulations to Greta Jensen our 7th Dream Nursery Room Makeover winner!  We are over the moon excited for you and can’t wait to help you create the perfect space for your sweet little Lo!

A sincere thanks to all of you that voted for each of these contestants we appreciate your support!  Happy Holidays!  the mom’s best team

We are excited to include all of you in helping us pick the final winner of the 7th Destination Nursery kids room makeover!  Your vote will help us pick the final winner of our dream nursery room makeover inspired by Emily Jackson’s beautiful classic modern style nursery!  The final colors and details will be customized for the final winner.   A special thanks to our amazing sponsors who have made this giveaway possible!

sponsors of our 7th destination nursery room makeover

Voting instructions:

You may vote for as many contestants as you want…the only stipulation, you may only VOTE 20x per contestant per day. Once you vote, the voting system will reset for that contestant within 30 minutes to let you vote for that person again.

…you must put in a valid email address each time you vote.…ONLY one valid email may be used per person, multiple emails used to stack votes is prohibited.

We will closely monitor the votes and all behind the scenes details each day to make sure all is going as it should….let us know if you have any questions 🙂

Once you finish voting be sure to  VISIT our @destinationnursery instagram page to LIKE your favorite semi-finalist’s pictures  in our IG feed.  (Please REPOST & Share to help spread the word!) Their total LIKES will also be counted toward their final score!

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Their final score will be calculated based on these votes here + likes/votes to their pictures we have posted on instagram, any likes or comments to their pictures on facebook will just be a bonus to their scores.   Thanks so much for your support!

  • Voting Ends Saturday December 20th  at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard time
  • Winner Announced By Monday December 22nd

Check out the reveals for a few of our past winners! HERE,   HERE, and HERE…we think they are amazing as well as the families who are now enjoying them!

WHO will be our next destination?   YOU can help us decide…

1. Greta Jensen and baby girl Lo coming in March…


My husband and I are pregnant with our miracle baby! We tried for years to get pregnant and went through all the struggles that came with infertility. All in all, it brought us so much closer together and we were so blessed and excited when we found out we were pregnant! When we had our first ultrasound there were two babies and I started envisioning them growing up together. At the next ultrasound, our second baby didn’t have a heartbeat but we knew we would do anything and everything for our baby. We are expecting our little girl, we call her Lo, in March 🙂 and we would love to have a beautiful nursery for her. When we were trying, through all of the tough months of disappointment I just dreamed of someday holding our baby in my arms before bed and reading to them at night. I can’t wait for that moment and I would love to have the perfect nursery to do that in.
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2. Faith Clark and baby girl Poet


Hi my name is Faith I would love to win this nursery for my daughter Poet Victoriah Anne. We love to Cosleep but she is beginning to like sleeping more by herself and this would be a perfect celebration of the next exciting step to growing up.

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3. Tish and Mark Arana and baby girl Ziggy Stardust coming in the spring 


Deep down I never really thought I’d be able to have a child. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at a young age and even though my doctor said I was in the clear, I thought the worst when my husband and I started trying. I totally believe that our children choose us, though…that they come to us when their little spirits are ready to live in this world and so when I did see two lines appear I knew a miracle had happened and that some special little soul had chosen us. My pregnancy hasn’t been golden, but it’s been magical. I’ve went from thinking it was impossible to believing in all the possibilities. Now begins the time when I yearn to do as much as I possibly can for her. We’re reading the books and taking the classes, watching the documentaries on child birth; doing everything in our power to create an inspiring and loving environment for her arrival. I’d love to continue that preparation with a perfect little calming nursery. That dream space would mean the world to my husband and I. We’re in LA alone. Both of our families live in other states so any and all help would be so greatly appreciated. I dream of a room that I rock her in; quiet and lovely that celebrates the love we have for her. The fact that the dream room nursery is gender neutral and grey (images that I’ve dreamed of since I first learned I was pregnant) is sort of kismet. We’re two very enthusiastic and appreciative parents looking to make our little miracles’ birth as welcoming as possible.

Her womb name: Ziggy Stardust…we didn’t know the gender so we chose an androgenous name. The album mentions spiders which is our last name in Spanish so we knew it was sort of perfect for her. She totally acts like a Ziggy. She’s definitely our little rock star.

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4. Jenn and Dave Hyatt and 2 year old Liv [&] baby girl coming in 2 weeks!

Hello!! My name is Jenn and my husband Dave, along with our 2 year old daughter, Liv, hail from Raleigh, North Carolina. Our second daughter (2 girls! ah!) is due January 2 and we’re so excited to meet her! With 3 years of infertility and 3 miscarriages before Liv and another miscarriage between the girls, we are counting our curly-haired babies a huge blessing. We’re small on space, but big in heart and love for our little family. We have a love of modern design that’s warm & classic – we make due on our budget and try to do our best! I’m in the process of making a quilt (my first ever!) for baby girl in the colors we’ve planned for her space: Navy, Peach, Mint, Golden Yellow & White. Thank you for this chance to win a dream nursery for our sweet baby girl!

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