We are all about setting new goals for 2015, but this year we’re setting one major goal. This way we don’t hold ourselves to expectations that seem unmanageable, cause sometimes life has a funny way of getting in the way, just managing to get to the end of a long day is good enough!  So this year our theme is…SIMPLIFY!  We will focus on the good, by eliminating all that is unneeded!

Today we are kicking off our new theme with a few products we found along with a few tips that will help you to organize and simplify your daily life.  Then stay tuned, we will be sharing more inspiration and tips throughout the month of January to help us all SIMPLIFY thru letting go.  Please join us in this challenge as we here at mom’s best focus on this years goal!  We are ready 2015!  May you all have Happy New Year! xoxo


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Tip#1: Get a calender, if you’re more of a tech-y person we suggest the Ipad Mini, it’s perfect for syncing all your events + calender from your Ipad directly to your phone, keeping all your important dates saved, simplified and easy.

Tip #2: Don’t just let those photos stay trapped in icloud land, download them to a jump drive, print them, then display them!  When you’re done with that just store them neatly in these cute boxes.  Making & printing memories.

Overall: Keep it simple by having easily organized items. These items are great for a simplified life! Keep it simple, keep it organized


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