Remember this fun [&] easy DIY scallop banner we shared a few weeks back? If not, you can see it right here.  We wanted to share how we styled it to create a fun mini winter hot chocolate party!  If your kids are like mine, there is nothing they love more than a nice cup of hot chocolate after playing outside in the cold snow!  This little tray is perfect for a little mini hot chocolate party with the kiddos. It includes all of the basic hot chocolate must haves, marshmallows, mugs, chocolate mix, peppermint chocolate dipped spoons, peppermint sticks, caramel sauce, and of course the always party-go-to paper straws.  So easy, your kids + the always unexpected neighbor kids will enjoy this perfect easy yummy treat when they come in from playing in the snow!  Happy winter, stay warm this week as we are dipping into freezing temperatures!

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