Is healthy eating one of your New Year’s goals? Eating healthy can be simple and easy. The benefits to your energy and overall feeling of well being is amazing not to mention the added benefit of weight loss. One thing we have learned through our journey this past year of clean eating and the Whole 30 program, is that the benefits will not always be seen on the scale right away.  Although, weight loss will happen, you won’t see it happen daily, so don’t drive yourself crazy by looking at the scale everyday.  But weigh yourself once a week or every two weeks. The results will amaze you! See our results here… Your energy will increase plus we noticed our anxiety and stress levels going down, along with our weight loss.

We are excited to share a few of our favorite recipes for clean healthy eating from our newest guest contributor, Ashley Reeves  also known as Amazon Ashley from Clean and Colorful Cooking blog. Ashley is a 6ft. tall mom of 3 little boys that promotes clean eating through her yummy creative recipes via Instagram and her blog. She has now launched two amazing Recipe e-book’s  the first one is called Clean and Colorful Cooking, you can purchase her book + other meal planning products here.   Everything she cooks + promotes is grain free, dairy free, and sugar free! Here’s to a new year and a simplified healthy self!  Stay tuned for more awesome goodness coming from Ashley very soon.

Click on the photos to be directly linked to the full recipes. Be sure to purchase her e-book & new Celebrate the Seasons e-book while you’re at it!

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Spinach Fritta                                  Roasted Carrots                           Revamped BLT’s
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Salad with Beet Dressing        Clean and Colorful E-book              Sweet Potato Bun

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