We have 3 more delicious appetizer’s for you today, perfect for that super bowl Sunday party coming up or your next family gathering! The best part they are CLEAN and healthy, + Whole 30/Paleo approved. The cool part your family won’t even know cause they are that good!

We are so thrilled to be sharing them from two of our favorites…Ashley, from Amazon Ashley and Shannon from Clean Eats Clean Treats, from their new e-book! It’s definitely a must have for eating clean and healthy, these meals are not only delicious but so inspiring! Be sure to check out more of them here!  See the appetizer recipes below…



1 italian sausage
1 zucchini
avocado oil
sea salt
2 tbsp arugula pesto sauce


Sliced zucchini into 1⁄4” slices, 1 zucchini yields 3-4 slices.
Coat the slices in avocado oil & sea salt
Grill them until soft or bake them at 400° for apprx 5 min,
watch them close
While grilling, heat up the italian sausages and slice them
into 1’’ pieces, getting 4 pieces from one sausage
Spread Arugula Pesto sauce on the zucchini and roll up
the pieces of italian sausage onto the pesto sauce covered
zucchini and secure with a toothpick

Makes 4 rolls




1 large sweet potato
avocado oil
sea salt & pepper
arugula pesto sauce
fresh basil
artichoke hearts


Use a large, round sweet potato
Slice into 1/4’’ rounds, 1 potato will yield 5-6 slices
Spread avocado oil on both sides and salt & pepper to taste
Bake at 400° for 25 min
Chop fresh basil, artichoke hearts, bacon, spinach
Spread pesto sauce and toppings on the sweet potato rounds

Makes 5 mini pizzas



1/2 cup artichoke hearts
1/2 cup olives
1 cup sliced salami


Slice tomato in half, scoop out the inside and save
Dice up artichoke hearts, olives, sugar free salami, fresh basil
Combine diced ingredients with the tomato juices
Spoon mixture back in the tomato

Makes 4 cups

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