With Valentine’s day coming up next week we have a few more easy Valentine DIY’s for you.  This super easy DIY Valentine, You Blow My Mind non-candy treats are affordable and quick to make.  Did you know that you can write messages on a balloon?  So easy and simple, and the best part, you can pick up a package of 20 balloons for just a dollar at your local store, that makes these valentines only 5 cents to make! Here’s how to create these balloon inspired Valentines.


Patterned paper
Paper Clip


Here’s some step by step photos of how to create these balloon messages. Typed directions are below the photos.


Blow your balloon up, just with air, twist the end of the balloon around a couple times, clip the end with a paper clip, this will hold the air in while your adding letters. Now write your message on the balloon with a permanent maker.


Deflate your balloon, just release the clip and slowly let the air out. Be sure to let your marker dry before deflation!


Add your deflated balloon to a piece of patterned paper, use fun color washi tape to adhere the balloon.

OR you can switch it up a bit and add your balloon to a peice of string, put it in a box, and surprise your valentine with a cute little balloon in a box, you can add other goodies to your box as well.w4

Now you have a little surprise box for your valentine in your life! How fun would these be to hand out to neighbors, or friends! The total cost of these message balloons, including box (recycled covered with left over paper), tissue, string is only 75 cents! You can surprise everyone for that price!



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