Hey we’re still sharing fun non-candy Valentine’s gifts to do with your kiddos over here! Today these super easy heart shaped crayon valentines are perfect and so fun to make with your little ones! Peel the wrapper off, break, and bake! Yes really it’s just that easy. The best part about these heart crayons is that they cost less than $1 to make 10 heart-shaped crayons!


Silicone Baking Mold

Unwrap all of the crayons, I picked all the pinks, purples, reds, and white out of the box. Cheap crayons work the best, the 50 cent boxes for $1.


Break the crayons into little pieces. Think small, you can use an old knife if you prefer, but it you have little hands helping, breaking works best.


Stuff the heart mold full! I mean pack it, leave a little heaping mound on top of the mold. Don’t worry they’ll melt.


Put them in the oven @ 250 degrees for 10 minutes. Or until all the wax is melted. Let the mold cool for 10-15 minutes, pop the crayons out!


Take a picture, kidding, but they should look like the photo above. I love the marble effect they have!


Package them up and ta-da you’re done! add a tag if you want or just write on the package with a marker!

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