Mini ice cream lollipop cones, perfect for your next party favor!  Featuring the talented  Kelli Hall, she’s amazing at everything from good design to chic party style + easy DIY’s! Here’s a simple idea for a quick treat (or favor!) to serve at any birthday bash: Mini Ice Cream Lollipops. They’re super easy to put together + the ingredients are available in most grocery and or big box stores…so you won’t spend hours hunting down hard-to-find sweets.


You’ll need
• 1 box of Joy Mini Ice Cream Cones (you can buy these in most Wal-Mart stores)
• Several round gourmet lollipops (I’ve used this version)
• Rainbow Sprinkles
• 1 tube white frosting
• Scissors


Step 1 | Unwrap and trim one of the gourmet lollipops to fit the mini cone (I suggest about 1” or less)

Step 2 | Fill the mini cone with sprinkles, leaving some space between the top rim of the cone.

Step 3 | (Optional) You can line the inner edge with a tube of icing or clear decorating gel. This will help seal the sprinkles and bind the lollipop to the cone edge. I’d suggest doing this if you’re serving these on a tray. If you prefer send these home as favors, you can skip this step and simply wrap them in decorative cellophane.

Step 4 | Insert your lollipop into the sprinkles and it will fit snugly in the cone.


• Most stores will sell gourmet lollipops in pre-sealed packs or in racks near the front counter

• These will hold up perfectly for several days in drier months and indoors. If you plan on making these in the summer and serving on a humid day outdoors, plan to make them the day of the party to keep the lollipops from getting too sticky.

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