Leprechaun party popcorn, yes there really is such a thing! This yummy treat is prefect for parties and it’s so simple to make! Just 3 simple ingredients, popcorn, white baking chips, “magical leprechaun sprinkles,”  that’s it!  If you have a couple bags of popcorn around use that, if not white popcorn, non butter flavored worked really great for this treat! This is a perfect treat to make with the kiddos.


Popcorn (popped or store bought)
White baking chips
“magical leprechaun sprinkles”

Optional DIY animal topper


If you are making a large amount, mix this in a bowl, or tray!  You can also use clean hands…to mix it in more easily giving it a good coat.


Melt white baking chips into a small bowl, start out with 1 minute, then stir chips, put it back in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir another 15 seconds. If chocolates aren’t melted then place them back into the microwave until they are completely melted.

p3I divided up the popcorn into little bowls, then poured the white baking chips over the popcorn, stirring a few times coating the popcorn evenly.


Now the fun part! And perfect for little hands! Sprinkle the popcorn with the special leprechaun sprinkles! Go to town, add as much or as little as you’d like!


Serve however you like!  Enjoy these fun treats! xo



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