St. Patrick’s day isn’t too far away! So pick a morning and surprise your little ones  with these fun and easy St. Patrick’s day ombre donut treats!  These ombre donuts are sure to be a crowd pleaser, plus don’t worry mama, they’re super easy to pull together! If your crunch for time buy some cake donuts from your local bakery, mix up this yummy frosting, add some food color, spread, stack, and that’s it! Yes, that easy, we know how busy you are so we simplified these breakfast treats for you. Here’s how to make these fun treats!


Cake Donuts
Green + Blue Food coloring
Cake Stand


Instructions: When mixing the frosting, start with 1 bowl & add only a few drops of green. Mix than spread that onto your donut. Next add more green, mix then spread onto another donut. Next add a couple drops of blue food coloring to your green, this helps to make it a darker green, now you’ll have a dark green hue. Then repeat again to get more shades of green. We did 4 shades of green…


Frost those bad boys, remember you’ll be stacking these so no need to get super professional in the frosting world! If you want the donuts to have a little “dripped” frosting look, pop them in the oven on 200 degrees for a minute or two!


Let the donuts drip dry, they will get a semi-hard top coat. Now the fun part, stack those bad boys starting with the darkest green moving up towards the lightest green like this!


IMG_9660 - Copye


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