Hey there mama! Are you planning your next party? We have the perfect little DIY for you! These unicorn toppers are sure to be a hit at your next themed party, or maybe even a baby shower!  Not only are they super easy, we took all the guess work out making them with these simple step-by-step photos. You can make these toppers for less than $10. Be sure to add these must have Unicorns to your next party! Use them as a cake topper, drink stirrer, or add a fun candy or treat!


Unicorn Animals
Gold Spray Paint/Pen


You can purchase these unicorns here, this is what they look like before they are spray painted. Grab a gold foil pen or metallic gold spray paint and paint those bad boys.


Once you’ve spray painted the unicorns grab a drill and drill a little hole in the plastic unicorn.


Your hole will look similar to this, once you’ve successfully drilled a hole, now you can add the skewer.


Make sure the hole isn’t too big or else your skewer will fall out, if that’s the case, just make sure to add a little hot glue


Now add them to drinks, fun candy or treats, or as a cake topper!


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