Sharing a yummy pink lemonade mocktail today featuring our guest contributor Kelly Hall. She says,  ‘The weather’s warming up and I’ve been craving the perfect springtime cocktail—The problem is I’m a little pregnant, a lot queasy and left missing my go-to drinks. But, in the interest of satisfying my taste buds, I’m mixing up this pink lemonade & lavender mocktail: It’s bright and citrusy, a little herb-y and has just the right amount of fizz….The beauty of this drink is that you can stir it up two ways: From scratch or the lazy way. I prefer homemade lemonade (you can control the sweetness and it tastes fresher) but will take a shortcut or two when pressed for time. Try the recipe below to make it my way or tweak it to your own taste.”


• 8 oz lemonade (fresh recipe below or store-bought lemonade)
• 4 oz dry lavender soda (buy at whole foods or amazon)
• 1 tsp cherry juice or grenadine
• Lavender simple syrup to taste (fresh recipe below or Monin brand lavender syrup)


Step 1: Combine lemonade, grenadine, lavender syrup and stir well. Be sure to taste-test the amount of lavender syrup to get just the right amount of herbal flavor (I like about a tablespoon)
Step 2: Add in lavender soda and gently stir.
Step 3: Chill and serve in two glasses or pour over ice. Garnish with a fresh lavender sprig. If you can’t find lavender blossoms, pinch a bloom off a flowering herb (I’ve used tiny edible catmint flowers that grow in my yard)


Fresh Lemonade Recipe
• 6 cups water
• 2 cups fresh lemon juice (6-8 lemons)
• 3/4 cup of sugar


Mix water, lemon juice and sugar until sugar is dissolved. The classic lemonade recipe calls for a full cup of sugar, but I’ve reduced it for a better pairing with the lavender syrup.

Lavender Simple Syrup (I use this version)
• I cup water
• 3 Tbsp dried lavender flowers
• 2 cups sugar


Step 1: Bring lavender and water to a boil. Add sugar and stir until it dissolves
Step 2: Simmer over low heat for 5 minutes.
Step 3: Remove from heat and strain into a bottle

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